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My name is Dave Schaefgen. I am passionate about making and creating things, in particular software. Up to this point, I haven't really made an effort to marry my passion and my profession. This has taught me one thing: money cannot buy happiness.
I want to work with and learn from a team that works hard to deliver the best work possible. I had the benefit of working with some of the best people in my current profession when I started on that path; and, that allowed me to grow quickly and contribute much sooner. The opportunity to work with a group of passionate, talented people is the first priority for me at this stage of my career.


Developer / Designer - '10/'11
iOS Application : Calculator based on NEC Handbook, IEEE, IAEI and American Electricians' Handbook recommendations, can be used to calculate voltage drop for both AC and DC circuits using the method described by IEEE standard 141

The application has generated a great deal of praise in the electrical engineering community in the US and other parts of the world. It has been in the Top 10 "Utilities" in some European and Asian countries.

Open Source

Developer - '04/'11
Library : SinatraGV is a general purpose graph / plot view library that was developed as a component for use in a major automobile manufacturer's production facility in eastern Tennessee and soon to be open-sourced

Library : Nine90 is a library of reusable UI components that is in the process of being cleaned up and launched as open source


Contributor - '04
A del.icio.us client for Mac OS X originally developed by Buzz Anderson. Contributions : UX enhancements related to tagging of new and existing articles

ACH Food Companies, Inc.Memphis, TN

EI Architect - '05/'07 Introduced proven software engineering principles (test-driven development, don't repeat yourself) into an antiquated IT development organization while introducing a game plan to migrate away from the existing bespoke enterprise model.

webMethods (now Software AG) Fairfax, VA

Instructor - '05 Developed and delivered training material across the organization's varied enterprise software offerings internally, direct to Fortune 100 clients, and in mixed classroom settings.

SESC Reston, VA

Systems Engineer - '04/'05 Developed a migration and data conversion application for a client providing federal agencies with finance and procurement software tailored to their needs.

International Paper Memphis, TN

Intern / Co-op - '01/'04 Developed several XML based data exchange solutions with various business partners as endpoints in addition to a client application for certificate management within the enterprise environment.